Update 3.1

Greetings, adventurers! We are both thrilled and humbled to unveil the long-awaited SKlauncher 3.1 update.

We do realize that the passage of time between updates may have been longer than you anticipated, and for that, we share in your sentiment. But rest assured, we've utilized every bit of that time to refine, polish, and perfect this new version. We're about to set sail on a voyage of discovery, so let's dive into the changes that await us.

Integrated Modloaders: Forge, Fabric, Quilt

Image of new modloaders in 3.1 One small step for a launcher, one giant leap for launcher-kind. In SKlauncher 3.1, we're introducing integrated support for the Forge, Fabric, and Quilt modloaders.

This monumental stride in our journey isn't just a technical achievement, it's a promise of a more immersive Minecraft experience. It's a promise of a world where the confines of the base game can be effortlessly expanded. A world where our users can explore their creativity and ingenuity without bounds.

In-Built Modpack Installation via Modrinth and CurseForge

Screenshot of ESLint Config Inspector running as a tab in Nuxt DevTools The realm of Minecraft modifications is vast and full of wonders. To make exploring this world easier, we're excited to announce the integration of Modrinth modpack installation directly within the SKlauncher. No longer will our users need to venture out into the wilderness of the internet to find their desired modpacks. Everything you need to modify your game is now within reach, right here in the comforting home that is SKlauncher.

Delta Updates

Screenshot of ESLint Config Inspector running as a tab in Nuxt DevTools In our quest for improvement, we've also introduced a revolutionary technology - Delta Updates. With Delta Updates, we're fundamentally changing how updates occur. Instead of redownloading the entire software for every update, Delta Updates apply only the changes that come with each new version. This not only makes updating faster than a minecart on powered rails, but it also saves precious bandwidth. A novel idea in the market, we believe it will transform the SKlauncher experience for our users.

Revamped Website

Screenshot of ESLint Config Inspector running as a tab in Nuxt DevTools As part of SKlauncher 3.1, we've also given our website a comprehensive makeover. Built on the state-of-the-art Nuxt framework, the new site aims to provide a smooth, swift, and seamless browsing experience. Beyond the aesthetics, we've also introduced new features, like the option to customize your in-game appearance with skins and capes from our carefully curated gallery. This feature is currently in beta, but we're committed to its growth and development.

Moreover, we've expanded our linguistic horizons by adding support for Polish and Spanish languages, and we've opened the door for our community to help us bring SKlauncher to even more people worldwide.

Looking Back: A Summary of Our Journey

As we reflect on the journey that brought us to the release of SKlauncher 3.1, we can't help but also look towards the horizon.

This update is not just a result of hard work, dedication, and a deep commitment to our community, but also a foundation for the many exciting things to come. Over the past six months, our team has poured their hearts into this project, making more than 2000 commits on GitHub, each one a testament to our unwavering dedication.

This journey required relentless focus, countless hours, and a steadfast commitment, culminating in a launcher that we hope our users will love and enjoy.

But SKlauncher 3.1 is more than just an update. It's the cornerstone of our future development. With this solid foundation in place, we've streamlined our development process, making it easier for us to roll out more frequent and more consistent updates. Starting with SKlauncher 3.1, our users can expect to see weekly updates, as we continue to improve and enhance the launcher.

We're immensely grateful for your support, your patience, and your belief in us. As we move forward, we remain committed to this journey, and we're excited about the path that lies ahead. With SKlauncher 3.1, we're not just delivering an update; we're laying the groundwork for a brighter future.

Welcome to SKlauncher 3.1. It's crafted for you.