Update 3.1.2

With the end of summer, we are pleased to introduce the first, albeit smaller, update that many have been eagerly anticipating. SKlauncher 3.1.2 arrives, bringing with it a handful of improvements and fixes that we believe will enhance your launcher experience.

3.1.2 changelog cover image

CurseForge Modpack Integration

In this update, we're thrilled to announce the integration of CurseForge modpacks into SKlauncher. Now, you can effortlessly explore and enjoy a wide range of modpacks directly within our launcher. It's a convenient addition that opens up a world of possibilities for your Minecraft adventures.

Improved executable file

In this update we're introducing an updated executable for SKlauncher. We've replaced launch4j with exe4j to address past issues, particularly those related to false positive detections on platforms such as VirusTotal. While isolated cases may still occur with lesser known anti-virus software, this change aims to provide a much more stable and reliable launcher experience.

Offline Play Bug Fix

One of the notable fixes in this update addresses a long-standing issue with the executable file. Previously, playing offline without an internet connection was often problematic.

We've diligently worked to resolve this issue, ensuring that you can now enjoy your favorite Minecraft adventures even when offline without any hassle.

We hope that SKlauncher 3.1.2 enhances your Minecraft experience and resolves any lingering issues you may have encountered.

As always, your feedback is invaluable to us, and we remain committed to delivering the best possible launcher experience. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements on the horizon (real soon).

Happy crafting!