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SKlauncher 2.8

The Minecraft Launcher

New SKlauncher.
New look.

Now sklauncher got a new logo and an icon that has needed a refresh for long time, now they are simple and nice. It has also introduced a new login window, which looks much better now!

Skins Support.
The Skins Update.

After months of hard work the doors to the square world are finally open! This is the end of default skins.

Skins Manager


Launcher Features


You can play for free

Easy mod installing

Like with launcher premium

Fast and light

Run launcher in a few seconds

Skin Support!

The end era of Steve's.


  1. Download launcher (look at right)
  2. Run launcher by double click
  3. Enter your username
  4. Click Play, and enjoy with game!


If something blocking this file, click here! (zip)

Requires Java 8


Currently, we don't support Mac OS users

But, you can download Linux jar version, and use double click on this file.

Maybe someone wants to write a tutorial? :)


  1. Download launcher (look at right)
  2. Open terminal and type
    chmod a+x "SKlauncher 2.8.jar"
    java -jar "SKlauncher 2.8.jar"
  3. Enter your username
  4. Click Play, and enjoy with game!


Your system probably already have pre-installed OpenJDK,
but Oracle JDK is recommended.

Tutorial by

Comments (Only English)

You've got a problem with the launcher?

Write about it on our Discord server! We'll try to help!

Connect to Discord

Warning! Java 8 is required!

Just like Minecraft 1.12, we require latest version of Java!

Download Java 8
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